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Underwater Photography

Imagine seeing your child in total harmony underwaterBubbles of joy and laughter to last a lifetime

Preserve the joy of your child learning to swim with professionally photographed underwater images.

MEET our photographers - photogerson

We love to tell everyone about our fantastic photographers Kate and Luke Gerson. Based in Western Australia, their portraits and travel images have been published internationally in travel guidebooks, newspapers and magazines - www.photogerson.com

Photogerson have partnered with Oceanic Waterbabies to capture unique and timeless underwater photos of the Waterbabies. "It's a real treat to get into the water with these playful and proficient young swimmers" - www.photogerson-waterbabies.com

Kate Luke
Imagine seeing your child in total harmony underwater, bubbles of joy and laughter to last a lifetime!

Kate and Luke use professional Canon camera bodies and lenses, underwater housings and lightling equipment to capture stunning underwater photos of your child.
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Waterbabies families will be notified of the opportunity too participate through their teacher in class, venue notices, our Facebook page, Instagram and on our website.
Our administration team will coordinate the photo-shoot schedule for Oceanic Waterbabies clients with children who have completed a minimum of 4 terms (1 year) of swimming in the program.

Please read our photoshoot information sheet for all the details.

If you would like to proceed, please complete and submit our booking form

Sorry, we have now completed all photoshootS for 2017
2018 schedule will be released next year