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Underwater Photography Booking Form

Please read this photo-shoot information sheet before completing and submitting this form.

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Timeslot: Photography sessions are only available on Sundays and will be scheduled between 9.30am-1pm. Please select a block time that will work best for you, or select 'Anytime' if you have more flexibility. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred time but cannot guarantee it.

Terms & Conditions

I am the parent or lawful guardian of the child who is the subject of the photograph(s). On my behalf and on behalf of the child, I:

(a) Understand that we have no interest in or right to the copyright in the photograph(s) and no right to reproduce the photograph(s) without written permission from Photogerson

(b) Waive any right or claim to inspect or approve any copy, reproduction or adaptation or in relation to any alteration or distortion of the photograph(s).

(c) Permit Oceanic Waterbabies and Photogerson to use or alter the photograph(s) for marketing and publicity purposes in relation to either business. This may include, but is not limited to, use on websites and in printed publications.

(d) Understand and agree that Oceanic Waterbabies and Photogerson reserve the right to terminate the photo shoot should my baby be displaying signs of upset that will affect their participation in the session. This decision will be at the absolute discretion of Oceanic Waterbabies and Photogerson.

(e) Understand and agree to the Cancellation policy:

  • Payment for the photo-shoot is non-refundable due to the organisational requirements undertaken to operate this specialised session;
  • Should Oceanic Waterbabies and Photogerson deem it necessary to terminate the photo shoot due to my child’s upset / non-participation ((d) above) Oceanic Waterbabies will contact me in within their office hours to reschedule my booking to another photo shoot. A $25.00 (per child) re-booking fee will apply.
  • Should I be unable to attend, for whatever reason I am required to give as much notice as possible prior to the photo-shoot and notify Oceanic Waterbabies on 94987700 during office hours 10am - 2pm Mon – Fri; after hours or weekends, please contact us by text message to mobile number 0459333952. A $25.00 (per child) re-booking fee will apply to book into another photo shoot session.
By clicking on the submit button below, you agree to the above Terms & Conditions.

Oceanic Waterbabies will process your form to approve participation and contact you within 2 working days to confirm a time slot for your photo-shoot and organize your credit card payment.