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Support for Families

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Quality is not a spectator sport - everyone is involved  
Jack Welch

There are so many different ages and stages of development that children go through and this can bring a fair share of challenges. Not all babies seem to love the water but rather than assuming "they just don't like the water" we will endeavour to use our knowledge and expertise to work out why the baby is unhappy.

Every child is a unique individual and therefore the parent and child unit requires a personal approach to find the right strategy for them.

There could be issues around going underwater, social interaction, participation, conflict between parent and child or any number of matters that may need attention.

At Oceanic Waterbabies, our teachers have in depth training to recognise the early signs so we can provide positive stategies and support. Understanding the parent child relationship, being able to read a baby's body language and identify what strategies will help are just some of our strengths. We provide follow up care for clients which may include a phone converstion to put a plan together, private sessions, and ongoing monitoring to effect positive change.

We want you to have a great experience in the pool with your baby so we are going to be there right by your side, helping you along the way. You can call us anytime, you can leave a message for your teacher to contact you to discuss your situatio

Should an issue arise, information sheets and articles to support families are available at each venue and through our office.


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