one class"Come on in...  the waters fine!"
Our venues' beautiful warm water 33-34 degrees and each class has exclusive use of the pool.


Perth Metro:   Success,   Shenton Park,   Innaloo

South West:   Busselton

Program Overview

  • Weekly 30 minute lessons
  • Four terms per year
  • Each swimming term is between 9 - 11 weeks
  • Classes in Perth are scheduled throughout the week and on Saturdays
  • Classes in Busselton are scheduled Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fridays

Enrolment Fees

  • 10 week term $310.00
  • 11 week term $341.00
  • 10 week term $271.00

There is a one-off joining fee of $50.00. This includes very cute chlorine resistant, accident-proof custom fit Baby Grow Bathers and access to our fantastic educational online seminar, preparing you for your bub's swimming journey.



Baby bathers1Classes (we call core groups) are coordinated to accommodate babies of a similar age together, allowing for comparable developmental needs. Each term, core groups continue to progress through the different stages of the program with ongoing lessons available until approximately 5 years of age.

Class sizes are small for optimum class dynamics and each class has exclusive use of the pool.

The program begins with water confidence and develops into a progressive learning system where skills and techniques are learnt through “play is learning and learning is play”. Integral to the program is creative, individualised toys and equipment that promote continuous and joyful learning. We like to keep it fun!

When children are ready to move onto their next stage of development, we modify our techniques to enhance these natural steps forward. Skill mastery is achieved through repetition and extension and to cater for individual needs, our teachers provide adaptations for all activities in our lesson plans.



Final PF play

The exact age a child may graduate varies with each child as consideration is given to individual ability and emotional readiness. Bewteen 5 and seven years on average

Our program nurtures a love of water for life and helps children develop confidence, aquatic skills (including stroke development), awareness of safety in and around water  as well as incredible lung capacity and inspiring creative play.

Parents have been by their childs side throughout the long journey and it is so rewarding to be a part of all of it all, especially to witness the strong bond of love and mutual respect we see between parent and child.

We aspire to leave a lasting, positive feeling

All enquiries for all venues, please contact Head Office


VENUES:    Innaloo      Shenton Park      Success      Busselton
OFFICE HOURS:   Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 3pm

E-mail: | Telephone: 08 94987700

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