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one class"I just can't wait to tell you all about it"
Isn't this every excited child

It's so lovely to hear how much our swimming families enjoy the program, we would like to share a few stories with you.

"It was the passion of swimming and the Waterbabies’ philosophy around teaching that kept me coming back year after year."

Jeremy Sangster, Chiropractor

"Congratulations Kelly, we were with you 24 years ago at PMH and swam all 3 daughters with you from tiny babies. A wonderful program. All confident swimmers now thanks to you. Xx"

Linda Krause

"Well done Waterbabies:-) I had a ball with my babies over the 11 years we swam with you, and my kids still talk fondly of it"

Fe Waters

"We only recommend Oceanic Waterbabies to our friends and people who ask."

Serena Dwyer

"Happy Birthday Waterbabies.......A part of my life I will alway cherish, it made me a better mum and person."

Danielle Alfaro


"Some of the best "daddy daughter" times I've ever had were in the pool helping her learn to be comfortable around water!"

Michael Rowling

"Congratulations Waterbabies!!!! I am so glad i found you when i had my first baby, he's about to turn 3 and loves swimming with Tae, my #2 is now enjoying swimming too with Tish. I love watching them enjoy the water"

Kathrym Lemmolo


"Congratulations Kelly, if not for your patience and guidance I would never of been able to keep swimming with my son, all your teachers have been an extension of that patience and understanding xxxx"

Beverly Di Tullio

"Happy birthday Waterbabies. So grateful to have been a part of the program both teaching and with my children xx"

Melissa McPhee

"What I like most about Oceanic Waterbabies is their gentle approach and how they understand babies."

Aneta and Cami

"We only recommend Oceanic Waterbabies to our friends and people who ask."

Dee Powell

"This is the best program around. Both my kids are oceanic water babies. Look into it and see if there's one near you. Amazing ! ???"

Vicki Poletti

"Happy 25th years??? love every moment in the pool with my son at OWB!"

Shaera Abdul Halim

"joy, love and connection in the water"....watching 'my baby' in your pool with his baby is such a delight in my life. I love what Oceanic Waterbabies brings to our world. Congratulations and much love and huge respect. Blessings on many more years and happy, safe and fulfilled in water babies ?"

Denise Stone

"Fabulous program...both my boys swam with you and they love everything water now they're in their teens!"

Fiona Walter

"We couldn't recommend Oceanic Waterbabies highly enough to other parents."

Ashley and Luella

"Wow. What an achievement. Goes to show love is always supported and your school has plenty of that. The dedication expertise and love every one of your teachers gives surpasses anything else I have witnessed. Love respect and happiness to you all. Thanks Kelly for having the tenacity to always honour a loving way of teaching."

Susan Kassandra

"Happy birthday Waterbabies, from a Mum with kids now 17 years and nearly 20 years old been through your programme."

Wendy Karl

We aspire to leave a lasting, positive feeling

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