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Online Introductory Seminar

A keystone in the foundation of teaching your baby to swim

One of Oceanic Waterbabies points of difference is the high level of education, guidance and support we provide for parents wishing to teach their babies to swim. This begins with our Introductory ONLINE Seminar, to watch prior to commencing classes and getting underway with all the fun.

Online seminarPassionately designed and presented by founder kelly Rae (1991), the Waterbabies 30 minute ONLINE seminar presents a deeper insight into the world of Infant Aquatics. Along with inspiring and joyful video footage, the seminar provides important information including water safety, the role of the swimming parent, how to submerge baby safely, what's possible in the water at what age and much more.

Access online makes viewing the seminar convenient and we encourage both parents to watch, but definitely the parent choosing to swim with their baby.

Enhance your baby’s natural love of water, enrich the bond between you, develop early aquatic skills and enjoy your learning experience together. A worthy investment of your time to gain so much for you and your baby.